WordPress is an open source blog tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL. Though it is refered as a blog tool it is a powerful content management system (CMS) platform and you can modify it in to any kind of website. In addition to that it has many features including a plug-ins and themes architecture. WordPress is used by over 15% of all existing web sites and it powers 22% of all the new websites created every day.

Beyond any about WordPress is the most user friendly CMS platform that is ever made. Anyone without any technical knowledge can work with wordpress. If you want to actively manage and edit your website, but don’t have any technical knowledge then WordPress is the ideal platform for you.

Our Expertise:

Wordpress Website and Migrating to WordPressWe have a highly trained team of WordPress developers. With search engines regularly updating their algorithm for better search results, content takes on an entirely new level of significance. Without well structured, expertly tailored content, a website may as well be cyber dust.

The positive side to this is, a well developed and managed portfolio of content can easily put you on top of the competition. You need not worry about the size of your competitors if you can put in good, well structured content. Sivan Tech’s team of WordPress developers delivers unpmatched results in the area of content management services (CMS) using wordpress. Every team member is meticulously trained in handling wordpress platform.

In addition to building your website in wordpress platform, we offer one on one training for you over video conferencing. You can watch us work on your website, you can access our developers computer through remote desktop and monitor how the work is being done and what you need to do to maintain your WordPress based website.

Other Services:

We offer custom made plugins for adding functionality to your wordpress website. There is literally no limitations when it comes to wordpress website, any functionality can be added to the website in the form of plugins. Our design team will work on the themes for your website depending on your requirements.

WordPress also offers a Multi User platform named WPMU. You can set up a blogging platform for users like blogger.com, hubpages.com and so on. We will do everything for you to establish a multi user website.

Migrating to WordPress

We get lot of requests lately from our customers to migrate their site to wordpress. The important reasons for migrating your current website in to wordpress is

  • Search engine marketing and optimization benefits, Google loves wordpress site and indexes it faster than other platforms.
  • Extendability through plugins. You can literally add any functionality to website through plugins without any added cost
  • Good platform for future growth. Adding a new page is as simple as typing an email
  • Free support from one of the largest open source communities online. WordPress has an active community to help people with their problem.
  • The platform keeps improving with time. Web technologies are rapidly changing, and to keep up with times you need to update your platform regularly

If you are interested in knowing more about migrating to wordpress, then read the faq at Migrating your current website to wordpress

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