Our Internet Marketing Consultancy caters to all the internet marketing needs of your business.

Internet Marketing Service

1) Adwords PPC: The most powerful method to promote your products/services. You need a professional support in running your ppc campaigns. This is because there is no fixed rate for the clicks that you get. The rate for every click you get from Google varies from a few cents to 20 dollars or more. This entirely depends on the keyword that you target. So one advertiser may get 10,000 visits for 100 dollars and some other advertiser may get 10 visitors for the same 100 dollars. We have a team of keyword researchers, who will do the keyword research everyday. The cost per click for every keyword that you target varies based on the competition and the bidding, our team will keep track of your niche and list out the optimum keywords to run your campaigns successfully. Our team will create numerous ads for your campaigns and track their returns and run the best performing ads at an affordable rate for you. (We offer great coupon codes to help you start off with Adwords advertising)

2) Facebook Ads: Facebook today is as powerful as Google, and if you are not advertising on Facebook, then you are missing out on a big opportunity. The best part is unlike other advertising option, Facebook can laser target the audience, as Facebook has every detail of the users like age, gender, demography and geographical locations, you can perfectly target the right audience. The conversion are higher with Facebook ads. Like Google the pricing of the Facebook ads are decided by bidding, so keyword research becomes very important. We will do all this and more, as we offer facebook Fan Page services in our Social Media Marketing Package.

3) Video Marketing: Today the second biggest search engine is Youtube. People search youtube more than yahoo or bing, and traffic coming through videos convert a lot better than regular traffic. We will handle complete video marketing for you. Right from creating attractive videos, to submitting it in 50+ video sites (includes youtube, vimeo) we will handle your entire video marketing campaign, to help your business succeed.

4) Article Marketing: Top article directories are good source of converting traffic. We will create unique content with a link back to your website, thereby promoting your products and services and submit them in 100 top article directories manually.

5) Press Releases: Over the past 2 years Press release sites help a great deal in search engine optimization and driving direct traffic. We publish press releases in 50 top press release sites of the world.

6) Internet Marketing Training:

If you are new to internet marketing, then you can learn internet marketing from our expert tutors. Unlike others we will teach you with concepts that are relevant today and not the concepts that were used a couple of years before. We keep track of every little change that is happening in the internet marketing industry. The training will be one on one, using platforms like team viewer and skype over conferencing. You will be given dummy websites to practice everything that you have learnt from us. If you complete the training then there is no way to fail in internet marketing.

This is what we offer you in internet marketing training.

  • Learn all the effective online business models and how you can use them to create multiple streams of income.
  • Learn Niche and Micro Niche Marketing — Learn how to identify high potential low competition markets.
  • Sell your products/services, or sell other people’s products through affiliate marketing.
  • Learn how to quickly establish a website that sells at the end of the course you will be able to set up a new fully functional, well designed website in under 2 hours.
  • Learn the basics of Search Engine Marketing and SEO.
  • Learn the basics of email marketing campaigns and how to build a huge list and promote affiliate products to the list.
  • Learn social media marketing to further promote and grow your business.

The duration of this course is 20 days (2 hours a day). You will be assigned a tutor who with teach you the above, the cost for the entire course is $1500. English will be the only language used as a mode of communication. If you are interested in this program then you can get in touch with us through our contact page.

For all other services you can get more information and a free quote from us. Give us your requirements in our Get a Quote page and we will give you more information and a Quote.