27 January 2013

Outsource our Manpower

We offer various IT services at our Off shore establishments. You can hire our employees on per hour basis. The charges for this depends on the skill set requirement. We offer, day to day website maintenance, new online business set up, Website automation and various other services. In addition to the man power we offer, we have the right set up and software installed to get your work done.

Outsourcing is the key to success in online business. While it is easy for small players to create a profitable online business, the real problem comes when you try to scale it up. You need infrastructure and resources to develop your online business. We offer you a short cut here, we provide you with our infrastructure and our skilled human resource. This save you a lot of time, money and resources.

Even for established companies, it is important to cut down costs on infrastructure, training and availability of human resource. We handle all that, and all you need to do is pick and choose your resource from our resource pool. We offer Search Engine Optimization experts, Social Marketing Experts, Website design and Development Experts, CRM experts and a lot more.

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